Donn Clickard:

I have had many opportunities to observe Vy as she fulfilled her role as a long time member of the Superintendent's Advisory Committee, where she has always been an outstanding contributor. As the Greyhound Band treasurer, and president of the San Gabriel PTA and president of the Atascadero Middle School PTO, Vy has constantly demonstrated care and concern for the students of AUSD. She is smart and a very nice person. She will be an outstanding trustee, I support Vy Pierce without reservation.

Donn Clickard, 17-year Trustee of the Atascadero Unified School District*

*for identification purposes only

Jeannie Malik:

Working alongside Vy on CAPS and Dancing With Our Stars has been an inspiring experience. Vy possesses an impressive skillset highlighted with efficiency, excellence, and exceptional attention to detail. Her wisdom and kindness will be an asset to the AUSD Board.

Jeannie Malik, Vice President, of Friends of the Atascadero Library* and Producer of Dancing With Our Stars

*for identification purposes only

Liza Garcia & Liliana Garcia, AHS Drum Major 2019-2021

Liza Garcia:

When I first heard about Vy, the AHS Band Boosters were looking for a new Treasurer in the Fall of 2019. Several of the AHS Band Booster Board members highly recommended that we ask Vy to fill the position because she is a thoughtful, open-minded, trustworthy, inspiring, involved and loving parent. The Booster Board members had many positive things to say about her dedication to the schools and the students. At that time as the Band Booster President, I felt that we needed a candidate like Vy on the Booster Board which is one of the reasons why we asked Vy if she would consider taking on the position at the next booster meeting she attended. I am forever grateful that Vy accepted. Vy proved all of us right when we saw how hard she worked within and beyond her treasury position. Vy always brought new ideas and thoughtful insights that the Booster Board hadn't thought of or considered. Vy is an asset to the Band Booster and made our Booster Board stronger. I am so honored that I had the opportunity to work closely with Vy. Her ability to juggle being a mom, wife, friend, supporter, and a Booster Board member is impressive. I commend Vy for being the amazing person she is. Without a doubt in my mind Vy would make an outstanding School Board member. Vy Pierce is the equitable choice. Professionally and personally, Vy is my number one choice as I hope she will be yours too. Vote for Vy Pierce for School Board!

Liza Garcia

Former Atascadero High School Band Booster President and Parent

AUSD Bus Driver & School District Translator

Atascadero District Teachers Association (ADTA):

Vy Pierce is a long time parent in our district. Her students have gone through our elementary, middle, and high school. She has been on the board of Atascadero PTOs, PTA, and Boosters, helping to promote the interests of students first, parents, and teachers. Her commitment to building relationships, including more parent voices, and focus on students were apparent in both her written answers and her verbal answers. We are convinced she would be a strong advocate for students on the board.

Jodie Freeze Cohen:

I support Vy for so many reasons. Let me share a few...

She is honest.

Vy educates herself on important issues and takes time to listen to all sides, before moving forward.

She is generous and kind.

Vy is passionate about giving children the best possible opportunity in life.

Vy is diligent, works hard and is thorough in everything she does.

Vy is dependable and gets the job done!

When you elect Vy Pierce for AUSD School Board, you won’t regret it.

Ann Little:

I wholeheartedly endorse Vy Pierce for a position on the AUSD school board.

I know Vy as a friend, family member, and neighbor. Vy's 3 children have been enrolled at AUSD schools over the past 12 years including San Gabriel, Santa Margarita, Santa Rosa, AMS, and AHS. Her youngest is now in fourth grade so Vy will continue to have 8 more years of personal insight as a parent in the school system.

Vy is passionate about education, students, and our Atascadero Community. She has served tirelessly for 12 years in a wide variety of leadership positions including President of the PTA, Treasurer of PTO, chair of the auction for CAPS, and treasurer of the Band Booster club along with being an active classroom parent volunteer in all grade levels.

She is a dedicated, committed leader who is able to listen to all sides of an issue yet is not afraid to speak up and share her own unique perspectives and thoughtful opinions. I know she will bring a fresh voice and point of view, especially during this challenging time in local and global education.

I support Vy without reservation and I hope you will join me with your vote for Vy Pierce.

Karen McNamara:

Vy Pierce is a highly qualified candidate for AUSD School Board. Vy has an extremely clear understanding of the needs of the teachers, students and parents of our community. Vy has tirelessly worked in the classrooms and volunteered countless hours in the support organizations to make sure our teachers and students have adequate tools for the best education possible. Vy is an excellent leader, dedicated to the children, families, school district and entire community. Vy will be a valued representative of those who live in the Atascadero School District.

Karen McNamara

Business owner & Board President, Atascadero Printery Foundation*

(for identification purposes only)

My name is Trish Cooley and I have been an AUSD teacher for the last 27 years, working and volunteering at various schools in the district. I endorse Vy Pierce for AUSD School Board. I know she is the best candidate for the job because I have worked closely with her and seen how she serves the people of our community. She is wise to budgets and how they work and makes financially sound decisions. Above all, she is trustworthy, honest and hard working.

In the fall of 2010, I met Vy at the first PTA meeting of the year. Her oldest son was in kindergarten. She eagerly took on major committee responsibilities immediately. The next year she became part of the PTA board. In the 2012-13 school year, we served and worked together closely because she was the Treasurer and I the President. Her dedication to helping and serving the people in our community is admirable and she does what she needs to do to get the job done. Most importantly, she loves to serve and help others.

Trish Cooley

Teacher - AUSD

Kerry Sherer:

Teacher - AUSD

Vy is always there to lend a helping hand. I was always thrilled when she was a parent in my room. No job was too big or too small because each one was done for the love of all children.

Kat Morse:

Counselor - AUSD

I fully support Vy Pierce for the School Board. I know that she values honesty, sincerity, transparency, and dedication in her personal and professional life. I worked with her on the Atascadero Middle School PTO when she was a parent representative as well as treasurer, in addition to my work with her as a parent when I had her son in my class. I cannot think of a person who I trust as wholeheartedly as Vy. She truly cares about our students, families and parents, and will always do what is best.

As a counselor and a citizen of Atascadero, I fully endorse Vy Pierce for Atascadero School Board.

Melinda Reaney

AUSD retired teacher

I have taught first grade in Atascadero Unified School District for 32 years at San Gabriel School. Over the last 11 years, I have gotten to know Vy Pierce and her family when each of her sons was a first grader in my class. Vy has volunteered countless hours in my classroom and others. She is knowledgeable about the daily expectations of students and teachers, even during Distance Learning.

Throughout my teaching career, I served as the PTA’s Teacher Representative at San Gabriel and Assembly Coordinator, working alongside Vy to coordinate events for our students. I have seen the impact of her efforts and quickly learned that no job is too big for Vy:

  • Improving an already successful Kick-A-Thon to increase student participation and monies raised.

  • Increasing student participation in the nationwide PTA Reflections Art Contest to include ANY child interested.

  • Building relationships with families as we returned to school following summer break and/or following a school threat.

I was honored when Vy asked me to be the Treasurer for her School Board campaign. Working as a volunteer on her campaign, I am reminded of her insight, decision-making skills, fiscal responsibility, attention to detail, and her tenacity. Vy educates herself about procedures necessary for running a campaign as well as educating herself about topics as they relate to our schools, the children, and the District. I have seen Vy in action and believe that she is an ideal candidate for the Atascadero Unified School Board.

Vy is intuitive, bright, fair-minded, willing to do the hard work, and wants what is best for all of our schools and our children. Vy deserves your vote!

Melanie A. Karp

Retired Educator

As a parent of two Atascadero High School students and a retired educator, I have a vested interest in the school board of Atascadero Unified School District. Our elected Board of Trustees make important decisions for our youth. It is in our best interest to elect the finest members who research the task at hand before making an informed decision on policies that will affect our school district.

For these reasons, I endorse Vy Pierce in her quest for a seat on the Board of Trustees of AUSD. I have had the honor of working with Vy for the past five years on the Committee for Atascadero Public Schools (CAPS). Vy is a person who does her homework. She uses her resources to gain information in order to speak to a subject. If she doesn’t know the answer, she waits and researches the information before making a decision. On the auction committee, she was well organized and gave direction when necessary. She is a leader, yet she is able to delegate with finesse.

With these qualities and her experience with different sites that she has been involved with her own children, she will be an asset to the school board. She is careful and tedious in her work and is a good listener. She is able to weigh each situation fully. You know that she has weighed the pros and cons before she speaks. She is familiar to programs that each of the elementary, Middle School and High School are involved with since she has three boys of her own who span all three sites.

Vy is a person with integrity. She will be a welcomed member of the Board of Trustees of the Atascadero Unified School District.

I was honored to work with Vy on the PTA. She is honest, fair, organized and passionate. She would make an outstanding board member.

Stephanie Drexler


I have known Vy for a long time as a fellow parent. She tirelessly serves our schools and is a great leader!

Lauren Chambers